The DEEPEN team has presented several of the newest findings from their research project during the conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) in Amsterdam, which took place July 9-11.

Presentations were given by DEEPEN members Karen Anderson, Juan Fernandez, Natascha van der Zwan, Hayley James and Philipp Golka.

During the session on Pension funds and Sustainable Investments, DEEPEN member Karen Anderson presented a paper “Greening pension finance in Denmark, while Natascha van der Zwan gave a talk on “The complex interdependencies of sustainable finance networks” (with Arjen van der Heide, Leiden University).

During the session Financialization, Professions and Organizations, Philipp Golka presented “Financial market dynamics and relational dependencies: Exploring divergent trajectories of impact investing in the UK and Switzerland”. During the same session, Philipp Golka and Natascha van der Zwan jointly presented a paper on “Asset owners and financialization: Exploring professional dynamics in the governance of pension funds”.

In the session on Gender and Financial Preparation for Retirement, Hayley James presented “The gendered construction of risk in asset accumulation for retirement”.

Finally, two DEEPEN members participated in a panel on Welfare States Change. In a joint paper with Karen Anderson, Hayley James gave a talk on “The development of tax-free lump sums on retirement in the UK and Ireland”. Juan Fernandez presented his paper “When is the pension issue salient? A cross-national analysis of 28 European countries, 2002-2020”.

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