Juan Fernandez

Juan J. Fernández is Associate Professor of Sociology (Profesor Titular) in the Social Science Department at the University Carlos III of Madrid. He earned his PhD in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley in 2009. His research interests include public policy attitudes, comparative politics, social policy reform, stratification and social globalization. His single- or co-authored work has been published in journals like American Journal of Sociology, European Sociological Review, Social Forces, Journal of European Social Policy, Social Problems, British Journal of Sociology and European Union Politics among others. Most of his work is quantitative, but he is also keen on qualitative and theoretical research. His most recent work on social policy examines the impact of non-partisan information on pension policy preferences in a comparative perspective. Using an experimental design, that project shows that having non-partisan information on the projected level of public pension benefits increases support for reforms that improve the financial sustainability of public pension systems. Juan teaches courses on Comparative Sociology, Political Sociology and Statistical Methods. He is married and has one daughter.