Philipp Golka

Philipp Golka is a postdoc with the DEEPEN team where his focus is on pension governance in the Netherlands. Applying economic and organizational sociology to matters of political economy, Philipp is particularly interested in the intersection of states and financial markets. Here, his focus is on sustainable finance as well as the legitimacy of financial governance within the state. For his PhD, he studied how impact investing emerged in lockstep with the increased role of HM Treasury in social policy in the United Kingdom.

Before joining DEEPEN, he worked as a consultant with the in-house consulting firm of the German federal government, where he advised several ministries and authorities on federal and state levels on various issues of strategy. He holds a PhD in sociology from University of Jena, Germany, and has been a research associate at Eve Chiapello’s research project on the financialization of the public interest at EHESS Paris and University of Hamburg. Besides research, he enjoys nature, choir singing, and good coffee.

Recent publications:

– Golka, P. & Heimstädt, M. (2021) Strategiearbeit in öffentlichen Organisationen. Zeitschrift für Führung + Organisation

– Golka, P. (2019) Financialization as Welfare: Social Impact Investing and British Social Policy, 1997-2016. Wiesbaden: Springer