Sara Gonzales

Sara Gonzales is a Peruvian economist doing a PhD in Social Science at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where she also did a master’s in social science.  Before the Master, Sara worked in both the private and public sectors in Peru. In the public sector, she worked as a policy analyst for several government agencies, such as the National Tax Agency, the Ministry of Production, and the Ministry of Economy and Finance. In her last job she investigated issues related to efficiency in public spending for the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Before that Sara was responsible for making reports about different productive sectors with excellent growth potential in the Ministry of Production. However, due to a lack of support in modernization or management matters, they couldn’t become a growth engine. She was also part of a project that focused on the measurement of business innovation. We worked closely with the National Statistics Office to develop the National Survey of Innovation and the National Survey of Firms. The main goal was to provide theoretical and empirical evidence to support different policy statements.

The interests of Sara Gonzales are in the fields of political behavior and comparative politics. Other fields of research she is interested in, are sociological analysis and social stratification.