Natascha van der Zwan

Natascha van der Zwan is an Associate Professor in Public Administration at Leiden University. She does comparative and historical research on financialization and pension systems, investment rules and regulations, and sustainable finance. Her publications include the 2014 article “Making Sense of Financialization” (Socio-Economic Review) which has become a key article in scholarship on financialization. Natascha is co-editor (with Philip Mader and Daniel Mertens) of the Routledge International Handbook of Financialization (2020) and member of the editorial board for the interdisciplinary journal Competition & Change

Prior to DEEPEN, she worked with Karen Anderson and Tobias Wiss on the NETSPAR-funded project “Pension Funds and Sustainable Investment: Comparing Regulation in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany.” In 2020, their project “Nachhaltigkeit durch Betriebliche Altersvorsoge” (Sustainability through Occupational Pensions, 2021-2023) was funded by the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung.  

Selected publications: